Jasmine S35 Acoustic Guitar Review: The Best for the Money of Californians

In our previous post, we mentioned an L.A. record store that promotes music from local artists. Most of those artists began their careers with an acoustic axe, so we’d like to feature one — the Jasmine S35. Here, we discuss why it’s the best acoustic guitar for the money of beginners. See this other Jasmine S35 acoustic guitar review if you want a second opinion.

What You Get For Your Money

If you have already been looking for a guitar for quite some time, you have probably come across the Takamine brand. After all, it’s among the top manufacturers of great acoustics that are priced below $1000. Jasmine is its sister brand, and they happen to be the makers of the best acoustic guitars under $100! So if your budget is tight, and you want something new (instead of a used axe from who knows where), the S35 is perfect for you.

The S35 has a solid spruce top and agathis back and sides. It has a nato neck with a rosewood bridge and fretboard, and has 20 frets. All of the woods are wrapped in a smooth and cool satin finish. The S35 sports a dreadnought body style and the standard full scale length of 25.5″. For its size, it is pretty comfortable to play (even on extended periods of time). Meanwhile, synthetic bone makes up the 1.69″ nut and the saddle.

The headstock isn’t something to get too excited about. But it does somehow feel compact due to the chrome tuning pegs that it has. The included strings might not get you eagerly strumming immediately, but they could be easily replaced for as low as $5. It should also be noted that the S35 doesn’t come with electronics (but you could always buy them later).

For the minimal cash that you’ll spend, you get a really nice sound with the S35. There are other models from Jasmine that cost higher, but those other models don’t sound any better. So we’d still recommend the S35, specially if you don’t have a lot to spend. It is a great guitar that is really suitable for beginners. On the other hand, it’s also great for advanced players who just want something to play with, on the couch or elsewhere.

Last Word

In previous years, the quality of cheap guitars have improved immensely, and the Jasmine S35 is a very good example. It’s the top acoustic guitar for the cash of Californians, and it only costs under $100. Instruments like it are what helps the fledgeling musicians get heard, and that results to a more vibrant Golden State music scene.

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