Veteran California Musicians That Are Still Making It Big

In this post, we feature three California musicians that are still successful after all the years.

A New Beat from Dr. Dre?

It’s rare to hear a new song from Dr. Dre. Which is kind of ironic, because his headphones are glued to a great number of ears these days. So when a song of his leaked just recently, people were eager to listen. The song is called “2Nite,” and it also features Kendrick Lemar and Jeremih.

Dre and Lemar each has a verse, and interspersed throughout is Jeremih’s voice slithering through the mix like a snake. Lemar sounds younger here, which suggests that the song may have been recorded a few years ago. So maybe it isn’t really part of Dre’s anticipated third album after all, but who knows.

Regardless, the reaction that the song got shows how big Dr. Dre still is. And we haven’t even mentioned yet that he’s now worth 650 million US dollars.

Whistling Back to the Top

Hilary Duff’s “Chasing the Sun” last year may have been a bit lackluster. But her most recent song “Sparks” certainly gave her back the spotlight that she deserves.

That whistling is just so damn catchy. And most other people think so too. Vanessa Golembewski of Refinery29 said that the song is not just “a summer jam”, but is “the summer jam.” Meanwhile, Bradley Stern of Idolator said that “Sparks” might be the “infectious hit” that will propel her back onto pop radio.

And indeed it did. “Sparks” have peaked at number 1 and 2 in Billboard’s Twitter Real-time and Bubbling Under Hot 100 Singles, respectively.

The ComeBeck From Nowhere

Who the heck is Beck? Well, he won Album of the Year at the 2015 Grammy Awards — besting the likes of Ed Sheeran, Sam Smith, Pharrell Williams and Beyonce. Ironically however, he has this song where he sings “I’m a loser baby.”

Beck is a producer, singer-songwriter, and multi-instrumentalist from Los Angeles. He became known in the early 1990s due to his lo-fi experimental music, and for creating collages of varying musical styles. His album that won was “Morning Phase,” but he also has other acclaimed releases like “Odelay” and “Sea Change.”

His win didn’t sit well with fans of his much more popular competitors. But of course, in contrast, us Californians are very much proud of Beck.

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